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Laguna Hills Auto Accident Clinic: What To Do About Whiplash

Updated: Jul 4

whiplash effects

Whiplash refers to a symptoms commonly experienced after a car accident. Notably, it causes neck pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion. In many instances, whiplash occurs due to motor vehicle accidents, particularly rear-end collisions. However there are other instances such as sports related injuries that could have similar effects to car accident. Sports injuries in football or soccer and have lead to neck stingers or concussions as a result of whiplash effects.

During an auto collision, whiplash is the forceful movement of the head to move abruptly backward and forward, resulting in hyperextension of the neck’s soft tissues.

Long-Term Complications of Whiplash:

  • Delayed Symptoms: Following an accident, even a minor collision, the aftermath can be chaotic. Whiplash, in particular, may cause symptoms that don’t immediately manifest. You might not fully realize the extent of your injury until a several days or weeks after the car crash. Therefore, seeking prompt medical care is crucial, even if you’re uncertain about the severity of your condition.

  • Chronic or Long- Term Health Problems: When patients delay seeking medical attention, there’s an increased risk of developing long-term health issues. Whiplash-related neck pain, stiffness, and restricted motion can persist for months, or longer. Additional symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, blurred vision, fatigue, pain in the shoulders, arms, and upper back, as well as tingling and numbness in the arms.

  • Chiropractic Care: Seeking chiropractic care promptly after an accident reduces the likelihood of experiencing chronic symptoms and provides relief, leading to improved short-term and long-term outcomes for the injured individual. Remember that early intervention plays a crucial role in recovery and overall well-being.

Remember to consult a healthcare professional if you experience any symptoms after an accident, even if they seem minor initially. Early intervention can prevent worsening of the condition(s) and long-term complications and promote faster recovery.

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Nonsurgical Approaches for Auto Injury Treatment

Chiropractors offer effective auto injury treatment without resorting to surgery or medications. The initial step involves confirming the diagnosis. Your chiropractor will inquire about your medical history and symptoms, followed by a thorough physical examination. In certain instances, additional diagnostic tests—such as x-rays during flexion and extension, and occasionally MRI scans—may be recommended. X-rays with motion assessment are designed to evaluate whether whiplash has impacted the range of neck flexion and extension. MRIs are utilized to identify potential disc injuries.

Subsequently, your chiropractor will create an auto injury treatment plan, which may incorporate the following modalities:

  1. Neck Adjustment: While whiplash primarily affects soft tissues, many auto accident patients also experience spinal misalignments. Chiropractors gently apply pressure to realign the neck’s structures.

  2. Soft Tissue Therapy: Whiplash results from hyperextension of soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, and nerves). Soft tissue therapy aims to alleviate pain and promote healing. Techniques include massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and acupressure point therapy.

  3. Therapeutic Stretching: Scar tissue often forms after an injury. Therapeutic stretching helps prevent scar tissue formation and associated pain.

  4. Therapeutic Strengthening: the supportive muscle, ligaments, and overall posture will need to strengthen to reduce pain with activity and prevent and minimize future aggravations of the whiplash.

Remember that seeking prompt medical attention after an auto accident is crucial, even if the injury appears minor initially. Chiropractic care can play a significant role in both healing.

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Laguna Hills Auto Accident Clinic: What To Do About Whiplash

At lanier Chiropractic , we routinely work with auto accident patients who have sustained a range of injuries, including whiplash.


Do I need to have an attorney prior to my first visit?

It is not necessary to have an Attorney prior to your first visit. In fact we recommend the most important issue is to address your symptoms after an car accident.

Does your office accept letter of protection or Lien?

We accept LOP and/or signed lien for  the benefit of the injured person.  The injured person can get the care they need upfront and  upon settlement of the case, the Doctor's office is Paid. 

What should I expect during my first appointment?

During your post-accident chiropractic consultation and examination, the chiropractor will perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify any injuries or conditions resulting from the incident. This consultation and exam will include details of the accident, and events that occured after the accident It will encompass a physical examination and may include diagnostic imaging procedures, including X-rays or MRI scans. Subsequently, the chiropractor will have a tailored treatment plan to effectively address the diagnosed concerns.

Does your office provide non forceful techniques?

Our Laguna Hills Chiropractic office prides itself on being proficient in standard chiropractic techniques but also possess a deep specialization in the subtleties of auto accident injuries in Aliso Viejo. Our skilled Doctor is knowledgeable about the biomechanical consequences of vehicular accidents and the forms of trauma they inflict. Utilizing over 22 years of expertise, an individualized treatment plan will target the injuries associated with auto accident.

Where is your office located?

We are in South Orange County, In close proximity to 133/ 405 /I-5. Due to the easy access we get auto accident injury cases from Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills. We are approx 5 min to Irvine, 10 min to Aliso Viejo, 15 min to Mission Viejo, 16 Min to Laguna Niguel, 16 min to Laguna Beach.

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23412 Moulton Parkway suite 120

Laguna Hills California 92653


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