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"Effective Techniques Your Laguna Hills Chiropractor Uses to Relieve Tech Neck"

Updated: Jul 4

Neck pain is a prevalent issue experienced by many individuals and often arises from stress, fatigue, or overuse. In numerous cases, it is attributed to poor posture and may necessitate neck pain treatment. The term "tech neck or text neck" informally describes neck pain resulting from excessive texting or prolonged use of mobile devices.

tech neck pain

Tech (Text) Neck occurs when the head is flexed forward, such as when reading emails, using a phone, or driving. As the head tilts forward, the weight the neck and shoulders carry increases, leading to stress on the spine and muscles. This strain done over time can contribute to degenerative discs, muscle spasms, and bulging discs.

child with tech neck posture

Tech (text) neck syndrome, caused by prolonged use of mobile devices, will typically lead to discomfort and pain. The neck comprises ligaments, bones, and muscles that support the head and enable movement. Inflammation or injury in this area can lead to stiffness and neck pain. Incorporating Chiropractic adjustments, specific stretches and exercises into your routine can help alleviate these symptoms. Remember that if you experience increased pain during any stretches or exercise, stop immediately and consult your healthcare provider.

Xray of tech neck posture and effects

Here are three ways chiropractic treatment can alleviate tech (text) neck:

Stretches: After assessing your pain, a chiropractor can recommend neck stretches along with other treatment options. Regular neck stretches can help relieve tension and prevent stiffness, especially if you spend extended hours in front of a computer screen.

Strengthening Exercises: Strengthening your neck, and shoulder posture provides better support for your head, reduces fatigue, and may prevent issues in your neck, upper back, shoulders and arms. Consult your chiropractor for personalized exercise recommendations. For severe pain, noninvasive alternatives can be explored. Core exercises targeting the abdomen, back, and buttocks also contribute to relief and improved posture.

Chiropractic Neck Adjustments: These adjustments involve controlled pressure on the joints to gently realigning vertebrae. This safe and effective treatment addresses pain due to muscle spasms, strain, and pinched nerves, without any side effects associated with invasive methods. While our chiropractor is proficient in typical chiropractic neck adjustments, we do offer gentle non- force technique with the proadjsuter.

Proadjuster: The Pro-Adjuster detects where the joints are too rigid, it utilizes a highly precise and gentle oscillating force to manipulate only the abnormal areas. As it does so, the pressure is released and pain subsides. This technique eliminates  joint "popping" or use of force in a adjustment. This


  • Hold your mobile device at eye level.

  • Slightly tuck your chin and roll your shoulder blades backward.

  • Take breaks from your device every 15 minutes.

  • Remember to maintain proper posture and take breaks from prolonged device use to prevent text neck and its associated issues

  • Set reminders to change positions.

  • For children, encourage resting devices on a table rather than holding them in their hands or placing them on the floor.

With proper positioning, education, and awareness, you can minimize the development of tech (text) neck syndrome. Remember to incorporate these exercises into your daily routine to maintain good posture and reduce the impact of text neck.

If you’re experiencing neck pain, don’t endure it. Our experienced Laguna Hills chiropractor and team are ready to assess your pain and prescribe safe, effective treatment techniques to relieve the symptoms of tech neck syndrome. Remember, addressing neck pain promptly can positively impact your productivity and overall well-being. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help!


What should I expect during my first appointment?

During you Laguna Hills chiropractic consultation and examination, the chiropractor will perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify any injuries or conditions. This consultation and exam will include details of the injury or lack of performance. It will encompass a physical examination and may include diagnostic imaging procedures, including X-rays or MRI scans. Subsequently, the chiropractor will have a tailored treatment plan to effectively address the diagnosed concerns.

Does your office provide non forceful techniques?

Our Laguna Hills Chiropractic office prides itself on being proficient in standard chiropractic techniques but also possess a deep specialization and knowledge about the biomechanical consequences of sports injuries. Utilizing our experience since 2002, this expertise, will be applied to your individualized treatment plan.

Where is your office located?

We are in South Orange County, In close proximity to 133/ 405 /I-5. Due to the easy access we get auto accident injury cases from Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach and Laguna Hills. We are approx 5 min to Irvine, 10 min to Aliso Viejo, 15 min to Mission Viejo, 16 Min to Laguna Niguel, 16 min to Laguna Beach.

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23412 Moulton Parkway Suite 120

Laguna Hills, Ca 92653


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